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Lake Como owes its recent popularity of villas along its shores inhabited by Hollywood actors, singers and pop stars, fashion designers and players, the rich and wealthy Russian businessmen or Arabs. But the lake is more than the sum of the celebrities who have "invaded" most of the confidentiality surrounding the luxury hotels and mansions of Swiss and American billionaires and their lovers, is one of the most beautiful in the world.

Imagine steep forested mountains that descend to the water in which are reflected. Imagine that before diving soften their slope and vegetation change their merging with the gardens of cypress trees, azaleas and palms that surround the villas and historic houses. Imagine surrounding vineyards, orchards and villages with red roofs cling to the narrow strip of land that each stream has moved from the heights and amassed in front of the lake. Imagine looking up, seeing the mountains to leave the forest and dress in a bright green meadows, pastures and moss. Imagine, in the background, lofty peaks, massive, furrowed by the raging waters and white-capped. Imagine being right in the middle of the blue, silence, only the wave that breaks onto the bow of the boat, pushed by the breeze that blows the sail to white foam evanescent witness to your slow flow and soft mounds overlooking the peaks . Stop dreaming, Lake Como waiting for you.

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